Clayton LeBlanc and Nathan Stephens, Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits Co. alums, have partnered with husband and wife team Stephanie Eppig and Todd Warshaw to bring you some of the best craft beers in San Diego- beers that are balanced, approachable, and often graced with history and a sense of time paying tribute to the Eppig family’s brewing roots from the 1800s.


Principal Brewer

"My approach to brewing is always evolving. Working as a structural engineer I loved to design but often felt constricted with regard to imagination. The beauty of being a brewer is it allows you to be both the engineer and the architect. As the architect you start with an idea in your mind's eye of what you would like to see eventually poured into a glass and enjoyed. As the engineer you select raw materials and rely on your brewing technique to allow you to get where you want to go."


Co-founder/ Brewer

"Doing it 'right' is hugely important to us, and that focus stretches from our beer to our employees to our customers.  Our beer will be un-compromised and so will be the customer's experience."

stephanie eppig

Co-founder/ Marketing

"My family's brewing roots date back to the 1800's, creating some of the best lagers in Brooklyn, NY.  The Eppig family was also renowned for their generosity and community involvement- in addition to reinventing the family's brewing legacy and creating some of the best beer in San Diego, we will hold these values dear."

todd warshaw

Co-founder/ Operations

"We're honored to be opening Eppig Brewing in the Capital of Craft and are up for the challenge to distinguish ourselves as one of San Diego's top breweries. The brewing industry in San Diego is unlike any other... and you can't beat starting every business meeting and discussion by pouring a beer."