Photo Credit: Juan Martinez

Photo Credit: Juan Martinez

Thank you to the thirsty people of San Diego who voted ‘10:45 to Denver’ best #sdbeer and best San Diego IPA of 2018!

It’s an incredible honor and great motivation to keep pushing for what we believe in: beer made the right way, our way, with an eye toward the future while always respecting the past and the lessons that have brought us to where we are today.

Now seems like a good time to re-up a description (paraphrased) I wrote almost 2 years ago when it debuted: “A contemporary version of the west coast IPA style including some fun call backs to the IPAs brewed in San Diego over the last decade. The aroma is a blast of new world Yakima hops and the color leans more orange than most IPAs today. It’s by no means a ‘malty’ IPA but it’s present and a great counter point to the prodigious amount of hops used to brew this beer. That said, the finish is splendidly dry like a west coast IPA should be but the flavor lingers on the palate in a very pleasant, balanced way and doesn’t just disappear which can happen with a more simplified malt bill. The hop profile is dominated by Mosaic hops (contemporary) acting as lead singer but tempered with a healthy dose of Cascade (throw back) filling in the backup vocals.”

I love this beer and I’m very happy that you do too.

-Nathan Stephens, Principal Brewer