We have worked hard since we opened our doors to create a reputation for super clean, balanced beers.  Often we find ourselves incorporating components from different genres to create something new and unique.  Occasionally we choose the path of militant zealotry to traditional style guidelines.   This is one of those times.  

Whether you find yourself in the shadow of the Cologne Cathedral on the banks of the Rhine River, or peacefully enjoying the San Diego skyline from the Shelter Island waterfront you would be better off with a Kölsch in hand.

Introducing the newest offering from our cellar, ‘Prekend!’  This extremely sessionable Kölsch style ale is exactly what you need to combat this late July heatwave.  Brilliant clarity with subtle aromas of sweet pilsner malt, pear, and hint of noble hops.  A soft, well rounded malt character gives way to a crisp and dry finish. 

It’s not quite the weekend yet, but at 4.9% ABV it’s the perfect beer for the pre-kend!