One year ago today, Clayton and I finished our last shifts at Ballast Point and set forth on a fresh path.  We were going to open a new brewery (along with Todd and Stephanie) but we also were aware we had (and have) much to learn about running a business.  By any metric we are thrilled with what we have accomplished in our first nine months at Eppig Brewing!  

Most importantly, THANK YOU to all of our family and friends (new and old) who have supported us along this journey!  From the people who were there as we left our old brewery to the neighbors who wandered into the tasting room soft opening last fall and everyone else along the way, THANK YOU!  Every time you see that smoke stack tap handle and ask the bartender for an Eppig, THANK YOU!  Every time you hear someone is making a trip to San Diego and you tell them to “visit the little brewery across the street from Lips in North Park,” THANK YOU!  We can feel it, trust me.  All of it adds up and is helping make this little dream of brewing great beer in this great city a reality.  I would be remiss if I did not offer a special thank you to Katie and Danielle.  You guys have put up with the long hours, wins and losses and have supported Clayton and I through it all, thank you so much.

With your support and energy, we have no intention of slowing down!  Look forward to new beers, new places to drink beer (stay tuned) and new adventures!