It's not a big thing. Or maybe it is. But to me it's simply a small thing that means a whole hell of a lot.

We built our company on the strength of 4 people- varied expertise & knowledge creating the foundation for who we are, what we are, what we stand for, how we'll forge the path ahead- professionally, personally, socially.

Stephanie handles 98% of the social media posts, and I provide most of the artwork for the posts, Clayton & Nate contribute heavily making sure the posts fully convey their passion for our beer & brand. The epitome of a team effort, every time.

Friday night Stephanie asked for some artwork - a rainbow-themed photo to showcase the upcoming San Diego Pride weekend, an important event in our city demonstrating solidarity with the LGBTQ community, countless numbers of whom are our customers, supporters, and close friends.  Took care of it, sent her a few graphics to choose from, traded some texts about hashtags (I #despise #hashtags), and then moved on- she'd post accordingly.

Late that night, after closing- unwinding & enjoying a much-needed end of week cocktail, it clicked - that moment of satisfaction, that the people you're surrounded by are the right people... we, as a company,  never had a single discussion about supporting Pride Week in San Diego, no focus groups or pro/con conversation, no politics - we just did it. And when we did, there was no concern that it was the wrong decision, or one of us would have done it differently or suggested a different path. What's right is right, socially and morally. I'm grateful that my partners and I are in agreement, and we don't even have to have the conversation.

There are countless things we've done as a young company, still finding our way, that I'm proud to be a part of. This is just the most recent, one of many.