Long time, no blog!! When we first decided to do the blog I hesitated- when we get busy it'll never get updated, who has time for that?! Yeah, well, I told me so. Barely been a free moment to relax, let alone try to cobble together a coherent post to share! But we're all friends here, so whatever...

We're just hitting 5 months since sharing our first beer with you- the first one served to a customer was Glitz & Glam, our cherry & raspberry-fruited Berliner Weiss, which is fitting since it's as unique as we are and has remained a popular staple since that first pint. Since then we've been honored to pour you thousands of pints and even more tasters, plus loads of Crowlers and growlers, and delivered (literally) tons of kegs to our faithful retail accounts so you can enjoy Eppig beers 'in the wild'. Back at the tasting room, we've been honored to host birthdays, anniversaries, military promotions, bachelor and bachelorette parties, at least one engagement, and sometimes, just a peaceful place to escape- listen to some tunes, enjoy a drink, maybe chat with your neighbor and tell some stories. It's just like home to us, and we hope you feel the same.

During this crazy hectic stretch, we've managed to cram in production of 30+ batches on the brewhouse, over 400 barrels of 20 different beers. There have been one-off beers in collaboration with a local band we've gotten to know and love, charity nights that have allowed us to support several local and national causes close to our hearts, great live music in the tasting room, energizing yoga sessions to kick off the weekends, festivals where Clayton, Nate & Stephanie have been able to meet so many of our ever-growing crowd of loyal friends, and one of my favorite days- International Women's Brewing Collaboration day, when our talented beertenders took over brewing duties, spending the day working together with Clayton & Nate on a tasty creation that we're unveiling this week, with the proceeds benefiting the Pink Boots Society to help develop more careers for women in the industry.

We're just catching our breath and getting used to this, but at times feels like we're the seasoned veterans - we were brewery #130 to open in San Diego, and the count is now over 140! Just as countless members of the industry lent a generous hand to help us get started, now we're able to do the same for 'the new guys'- what a crazy fast circle of life it can be!

There's no rest for the weary so we're digging in for a busy summer, would hate for any of you to miss out on your preferred beer because we didn't brew enough. Festbier, 10:45 To Denver, Schwarzbier, Civility, etc- we'll keep you well-hydrated!

The upcoming months will include many more festivals, our first forays into the highly competitive beer competitions, of course new and creative beers being brewed & released, our first (and second) barrel-aged bottle release, and a few other gems we need to keep under wraps a little longer.