We've been rambling on over the last 18 months about lots of things - the Eppig family history, the work that goes into starting a highly-regulated business, raising capital, construction, t-shirts & growlers, taphandles, plans and ideas. Oh, and occasionally, beer. But not nearly enough about the beer. Well that can all change now - we're excited for you to meet our brewing team.

From the beginning, we've had a trusted and critically-important, albeit silent, '3rd partner' (seriously, silly as it may seem, that was how we referred to him in public, where someone might have overheard his name, or former employer, and figured out who he is - it's a small industry/world!). 

It's our pleasure, and a relief, to finally introduce our brewer, our partner, our dear friend. Clayton LeBlanc has been an integral part of every aspect you've already seen of Eppig Brewing, and the beer he'll be producing will demonstrate exactly why he's the perfect fit to manage Eppig Brewing's products and production.

You'll feel like you've been lifelong friends with Clayton after sitting down and spending just a few minutes talking about beer, cars, motorcycles. And when he gets to talking about his family, good luck changing the subject back to beer!

Joining Clayton on the brewhouse floor is the newest member of our team, Nate Stephens. Our Principal Brewer, he brings a wealth of brewing knowledge, both educationally and practically. In just a few short months we've already learned just how valuable an addition Nate is to Eppig Brewing.

His excitement over the exacting details of brewing science can be traced back to his engineering background, and is clearly evident in the finely-crafted and very carefully-thought-out flavor profiles in every recipe you'll soon enjoy.

The adults in the Eppig Brewing family are just holding on to the majority, as Nate and his wife Danielle will be welcoming their second child this fall.

We're also proud to announce our sponsorship of the Sunset Water Polo Club, one of Nate's passions and a non-negotiable term as we were inviting him to join us.

Next up - BEER!  Seems like it's been on a distant horizon for so long, and now we're just weeks from our first brew day. I'm getting thirsty just thinking about it!


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