One piece of advice we've gotten over the last year, from dozens of well-meaning (and, admittedly, correct) friends and colleagues - remain flexible. Cliché or not: never have truer words been spoken. We've reached expert level on pivoting, rolling with the changes and finding Gumby levels of flexibility- and we haven't even opened the doors yet! We understand and have come to expect constant change as we get things rolling.

In what will qualify as the most-unexpected shift (to date), we made a bid on a short-cut to the dream. While not usually a fan of short-cuts, as there is a reason this is difficult or everyone would be doing it (lessons to be learned, sweat & tears, that whole line of reasoning), this one was hard to ignore or shy away from. The opportunity to move in to a ready-to-brew facility, without the hundreds of thousands of dollars in architecture, engineering, construction and equipment costs? Sign us up! And as luck would have it - we did just that. It was not overnight - we had a crazy roller-coaster of ups and downs as the process played out. Trust me- we've had a decent (or more) share of disappointments as we've twisted and turned our way through this entire maze, but that has just made us appreciate success and progress that much more.

Eppig Brewing has been selected from a competitive field of entries for a Brewery Igniter location in the heart of North Park, San Diego - one of the most beer-centric neighborhoods in a city that is arguably the Capital Of Craft Beer in the country. As fellow North Park residents, we couldn't ask for a better location to introduce our beer to our neighbors and fellow craft beer lovers.

Now a lease has been signed, celebratory drinks have been consumed and we're 100% committed to this dream! Construction on the facility began in March. The building has, at times, looked like it could be condemned, a bombed-out shell, a graffiti-covered flophouse, and more recently, an industrial building with some character, that almost looks like it could be a brewery in the near future! Walls have been removed, foundations have been altered and reinforced (full tanks of beer are heavy!), new electrical and water lines have been run in from the city utilities. With the floors in place, new steel and wood support beams are replacing the decades-old originals, walls, windows and doors are next. Finally - the brewhouse & tanks will be delivered & installed. The property owners are experts at this type of renovation, and they're aiming to wrap up the construction in a couple months. With Brewery Igniter's support, we'll be one of 3 breweries setting up residence at this location, making Eppig Brewing centric to San Diego's newest craft beer destination, at 3052 El Cajon Blvd, Suite C. We'll see you soon!